Our first steps to explore Sri Lankan art

Our history begins back in June 2009. We 22 Senior Artists together opened this Art Way Gallery as a fulfilment of a need. AT that time there was no any permanant art gallery in Sri Lanka with contemporary art. That time there were only gallery cafes. With the response and the demand from the society and artists we were able to commence the Art Way Institute within 6 months time of the opening of the gallery. This was a novel experience for artists as well as for the general public. Many leading professionals, artists and the businessmen send their children for Art Way Institute for learning art. The start was very challenging yet interesting.

First e-commerce Art Gallery opened

At this time Mr. Sudath Abeysekara, Ms. Achala Gunawardane, Mr. Ajith Manjula and Mr. Anuradha Henakaarachchi were the main senior artists attached to Art Way Gallery. We were able to commence the first time e-commerce art galley of Sri Lanka to bring Sri Lankan art to the world. Within a week we were able to sell the first painting using our e-commerce site named www.srilankanart.lk to Germany. Our Institute also further developed its students more than 300 with over 10 art teachers. We were well established with all our great creations and the art education.

Continuous innovation and transformation

Within two years time art education at art gallery was well established. In 2009 we started with 5 students and within two years time it was expanded to 200.  Of course there were many challenges as well. Some of the artists who contributed to initiate the gallery were left due to multiple reasons. We were able to organize annual exhibitions and attend national and international art competitions. Our senior artists were able to get both national and international awards. We moved with the world and with Sri Lankan socio economic dynamics.

Re-launch from good to GREAT

We were strengthened our efforts with another eminent and award winning academic as well as an entrepreneur Mr. Samantha Pathirathna and we re-launched all our ventures to move from good to GREAT. Of course he also a art lover as well researcher, consultant and a trainer with creative, innovative and strategic thinking. 2016 we have successfully initiated our re-launch and we have expanded our management capacity together with the quality of art education and systems. We are managing e-commerce art gallery together with over 400 students and over 15 teachers at the art way institute.

International Recognition for our Creativity

Our senior artistes were awarded with international awards. The government of Sri Lankan also appreciated and acknowledged our work. We were able to create many first time in Sri Lanka art creations including first 3D art in Sri Lanka. In addition to students adults and elders people also started to come to art classes. Art Way Institute was established with many other value additions including Art Shop and Health Hut by providing all required services and facilities for those who come to learn art. Annual art exhibitions from artists ans well as students were organized.

Commence the Academy of Visual Art

We are now moving from good to great and the Academy of Visual Art was established from May 2017. First Diploma of Visual Art course will be commenced from 18th June 2017 after 8 years of our steady and strong journey of exploring Sri Lankan art. We make an invitation to join hand with us to explore Sri Lankan art with this new course. This will be developed up to the level of National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) and later it will be developed into a Fine Art degree course with possible Sri Lankan and or international partnership.