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A Look at the Future

A Look at the Future

A colourful world and a shared future
The craft of masks and puppets in Sri Lanka has its own uniqueness. The tradition and art of masks incorporates a representation of the multi-religion façade of the Sri Lankan culture which is depicted through differentiation of shades and colours on the masks. Bringing these differences to a canvas to represent a society was a task of its own.
These differentiations are the beauty of an entire society which is crafted finely into a colourful canvass. The fibre masks on the painting give it a more finite look and are embedded into the canvas with its colourful background which again is a representation of the world we live in.
It is these differences that clear the void in society paving the way to a brighter and vibrant future, thus came to life “A colourful world and a shared future”

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Project Details

  • A Look at the Future

  • Sudath Abeysekara

  • 152cm x 300cm

  • Mix Media

  • 2018

  • $5,500